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Delivering insight, direction and inspiration

Be inspired by the industry's top leaders

Our range of conferences and seminars brings to you a dynamic mix of learning, development, in-depth analysis and inter-industry debates from a range of leading experts from across hospitality. Get insight into the latest trends and key issues impacting the sector, as well as discover the latest innovation, creativity, and knowledge to drive you and the hospitality community forward.

The Hospitality Leadership and F&B Forum

Find inspiration, meet exceptional people, and fully immerse yourself in this once-in-a-lifetime chance to network with influential figures in hospitality. The Hotel Leadership Forum helps industry professionals explore thought-provoking leadership and strategy topics for tomorrow’s leaders.

UAE Professional Housekeepers Meeting

One of the most visible and critical roles in any hotel is that of the housekeeping staff. Join us for in-depth conversations and tutorials on every facet of our industry, as well as opportunities to network and engage with other professionals. New market conditions, technology, procedures, constraints, regulations, and products will be discussed, in addition to guidance on how to sustain excellence in the face of these changes.

HITEC Conference

Unlock the future of hospitality technology with the HITEC Dubai conference. Join us to discover what’s new in the world of technology and what innovations you need to know to drive your workforce and solutions forward. Our speakers are leaders in robotics, automation, artificial intelligence and more.

The Hospitality Engineers Middle East Conference

Hotel engineering and maintenance departments are the backbone of any hotel operation and play a critical role in determining guest comfort, safety, security, and even customer service.