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Digital Hospitality Firm Geared to Enhance Your Hotel Experience with their revolutionary SaaS Platform

28 Apr. 2022


From 2011 to 2019, the global hotel industry showed tremendous growth, clocking its revenue at a whopping $1.47 Trillion in 2019. Then the COVID-19 pandemic happened, almost halting this superb growth rate for what seemed like an eternity. But, as always, the hotel industry fought the ravages of time, devising ways to get back on its feet. And here we are, two years later, seeing the hospitality sector plotting excellent growth graphs again with a newfound vigor and zeal.

A testament to this fighting spirit is the fact that, in 2021 alone, the tourism sector contributed $1.9 Trillion to the global GDP (UNWTO, 2022). Now, one can list several reasons behind this growth spurt such as support from thegovernments, revamped business models, etc. However, one factor that has played a major role in supplementing the growth of the hotel industry is digital transformation. Today, technological innovations such as online room booking services, mobile keys, digital concierges, etc., not only make the guest experience seamless but also reduce the hotel staff's efforts in carrying out various hotel operations.

It has now become almost crucial for hotels to digitize their services to facilitate a safe and welcoming experience for the guests. A survey conducted by Metova shows that 86% of guests now seek digital hospitality in hotels. However, the digital transformation of the hotel industry is still in the nascent stages. Hence, hotels need a reliable and experienced partner to help them digitize their services smartly and efficiently. And this is where MyCONECT enters the picture.

MyCONECT: An All-in-one Digital Hospitality Solution

MyCONECT is a one-stop digital hospitality platform for hotels that aim to digitize their arsenal of services.

The MyCONECT Guest App offers hotel guests a complete contactless digital experience at their fingertips. It enables hotel guests to book, update, and upgrade hotel rooms from their smartphones in real-time. Moreover, guests can perform self check-ins and check-outs, unlock their rooms, request a valet and much more, all while maintaining a safe distance - just what the consumers have been seeking in their hotel journeys since COVID appeared. The Guest App also allows guests to operate in-room appliances like TVs, ACs, Lights, etc. with built-in controls. To enhance guest journeys, this autonomous self-staying platform further allows guests to execute service requests in a matter of seconds via their smartphones.

Seamless Hotel Operations like Never Before

Apart from pampering the guests, MyCONECT also ensures that the hotel staff is working optimally and with fewer burdens. The MyCONECT Staff App mirrors the hotel PMS data onto the Staff’s smartphones, allowing them to coordinate with each other and oversee their duties seamlessly. From staff supervision to automated task assignment, and everything in between, the Staff App saves hotels valuable operational time and extra costs. With the idea of overhauling digital hospitality, the South Korea based hospitality SaaS startup. MyCONECT aims to provide its one-stop solution to hotels all around the world, with primary focus on the biggest hospitality and travel hubs across Asia, North America and Europe. The platform is currently in the beta testing phase. And work is in progress to release a pilot test site to assess its real-world performance. However, with the results available so far, it won’t be far-fetched to assume that MyCONECT might just be the next best thing for hotel staff and travelers alike.

To learn more about this digital hospitality venture, check out: https://www.myconect.biz/contact