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UAE F&B – Changing Everything, Everywhere!

27 Apr. 2022



The UAE has firmly established itself as a gastronomic hub with some of the best restaurant concepts in the world. As global pandemic restrictions ease, consumer confidence returns and international tourism increases, the country continues to lead the food and beverage market in the GCC.

The food and beverage industry is a key pillar of the hospitality sector in the UAE with overall expenditure on F&B estimated to reach US$ 44.5 billion in 2023.

Rising health awareness, product differentiation and convenience of online food platforms are key factors driving the market which will see the hospitality sector emerging with stronger, more sustainable and innovative business models.

With precautionary capacity and social distancing regulations removed from restaurants and hotels running at full capacity, a renewed confidence will largely reverse the contraction seen during the pandemic with a strong 26.22% growth rate over 2022-2023. Full-service restaurant revenue is expected to reach US$ 2.34 billion in 2022, the fast-food sector is expected to grow at 5.8% per year to US$ 4.51 billion while revenue from coffee and tea shops estimated to reach US$ 705 million.

This optimism comes as an upturn in demand is witnessed across all segments of  the foodservice market of the UAE including full-service restaurants, fine dining, fast-casual, fast-food, cloud kitchens, cafes, street kiosks and home delivery.

This growth does not necessarily mean an increase in establishments. Existing businesses will re-invent themselves while others will re-locate to newly created higher-populated residential or business areas.

Others will employ hybrid business models which uses a combination of cloud kitchen delivery and hero stores to maintain a balance of dine-in and delivery business to create new, sustainable revenue.

The market's largest segment is Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery with a projected market volume of US$ 954 million in 2022. Consequently, many restaurant operators are establishing online ordering via their website, social media channels or mobile app while others are establishing delivery only restaurants and cloud kitchens, also known as dark, satellite, virtual, or ghost kitchens.

Away the technologically driven, experiential dining, the concept where F&B and entertainment are merged, is on the increase in the UAE.

Dinnertainment, traditionally dominated by restaurants focusing on children’s entertainment, dinnertainment for adults, in-line with global trends, has seen an increase in interactive licensed concepts where diners can take a break from the dining table to engage in activities such as bowling and electronic gaming.

Fun, fast-moving, foodie and fashionable F&B eateries offer local or regional foodservices, at an affordable price, in an experience driven environment where consumers can eat their own thing from multiple kitchens is a growing trend in the UAE.

Following the introduction of pop-up retail over the last few years there is a developing trend in the UAE, and Saudi Arabia, to re-invent and re-energize F&B businesses. With face-to-face events and out-of-home activities on the increase, there is now a demand for pop-up outside cafes, dining areas, street stalls, kiosks and express take-out areas. At the same time, “chef-driven”, customized food and curb side pick-up trucks are becoming a popular option to deliver high-end, quality, authentic artisanal tastes and flavours.

The evolution that is being seeing in the UAE F&B industry is nothing short of remarkable. It has adapted in inspiring ways by rethinking its business model. And it's only just beginning. Emerging trends and concepts will continue to evolve. This changing landscape will be the subject of the F&B Stakeholder Summit 2022, which brings leading industry experts,  practitioners and panellists in one place, at one time, for a series of highly focused and candid live discussions.

The summit, which is run in conjunction with the Hotel Show, 24 - 26 May 2022, at the Dubai World Trade Centre, will explore the latest trends in F&B concepts, design, sustainability, CX in F&B, ethical hospitality and supply chain opportunities as well as how to tackle challenges facing the industry.

Full details can be seen at https://www.thehotelshow.com/show-features/the-fb-stakeholders-summit/