24 - 26 MAY 2022

11 AM - 7 PM DAILY


UAE Professional Housekeepers Group Meeting

in collaboration with

The Hotel Show Dubai is proud to host the 2022 UAE Professional Housekeepers Group Meeting, in what will be one of the most important public gathering of regional housekeeping professionals.

Leading housekeeping experts and practitioners will be holding interactive, in-depth discussions and tutorials on all aspects of our profession.
You’ll receive advice on how to maintain excellence in the face of new market conditions, new technologies, new techniques, constraints, regulations and products. You’ll also hear insight on new guest behaviours and perceptions and how you can accommodate and exceed them.

We’re currently working on our 2022 agenda, but in the meantime, feel free to look
at our 2021 agenda below to see what panel discussions
took place at our last show.


The UAE Professional Housekeepers Group Meeting at The Hotel Show Dubai is free-to-attend for all professional housekeeping staff and offers you and your teams an unmissable opportunity to network with your peers, share your experiences of the last year and get better prepared for whatever’s coming next.

Audience Profile: Executive Housekeepers / Housekeeping Managers


Discussion topics included:

  • What will the future of housekeeping look like in a post-pandemic world?
  • Assessing how guest perceptions of hygiene and cleanliness are changing and how you can signal and reassure them of your standards
  • UV robots and antiviral textiles? Assessing the efficiency, cost and resource implications of advanced technology solutions
  • Evaluating the value and risk of outsourcing your housekeeping function
  • Recruitment and retention in a churning market: How to find quality staff and ensure their ongoing commitment
  • Anticipating new hygiene requirements, certifications and safety programmes: What’s next?