24 - 26 MAY 2022




Respect The Planet, The People, The Animals and all that lives in this beautiful world. We share our love and passion for the planet through Art. As a way to reduce our carbon footprint we purchase one tree through 8Billion Trees,  for every artwork printed and sold through The Mulberry Movement. We are proud to share our Art globally and are not restricted by locations or countries. We do not engage in controversial topics, politically ethnically and only promote that which represents the Beauty of our planet.

We represent a selection of artists from around the world. Some fine Artists and some Photographers. We are a new company with a mission to protect and share the beauty of this planet. We sell online and don’t have a fixed gallery as a way to help reduce our carbon footprint.


The Artists we represent are

Neil Corder - South African
Layla Fahim - Saudia Arabian
Brendan Leigh - South African
Antony Cousens - South African
Louis Bolton - New Zealand
Gayle Buys - South African
Ruben Ramos - Spanish
Janine Kreyer - South African
Kate Miller - South African