24 - 26 MAY 2022





Innovative, unique art  

Every painting is exclusive; there is only one unique piece with the same colors/motive.

I’m an artist, my passion is to paint dreams on canvas and I want to share my passion with my customer.

My aim is to create an imaginary world like fantasy places or visionary architecture, always with a strong depth effect which almost seems to suck the viewer in.  At the same time I want to catch the light and simultaneously to break it, like crystals do.

My architecture-paintings are made from parts of iconic buildings across the globe. I’m inventing fantasy buildings without space boundaries.

Generally, my work moves between painting and drawing, figuration and abstract, between illusion and reality I’m using a mix between the old Indonesian Batik technique, countless layering with acrylic paint and spray.

My works have been showed in exhibitions around the world like the German Pavilion at the World Expo Saragossa/Spain 2008, are in international art collections in museums like the National Art Museum of China /Beijing

I accept orders according to customer’s requirements.

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