hotel show

hotel show

CATEGORY 2 - Best Restaurant

This refers to any dining area within the hotel.

Please note: The below questionnaire is Round 1 of the judging process. Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge to enable the MEHA judges to learn about your hotel.

ALL questions are mandatory.

Hotel Name
What is the overall concept of the outlet?
Provide feedback from quests on the aesthetics of the outlet
How do the choices of FF&E (furniture, fixtures & equipment) reflect the initial concept?
Which bespoke suppliers and/or products have been used?
What differentiates this restaurant theme/ design from its competitors?
How do you ensure and sustain the quality of your products?
What percentage of your products is sourced locally?
How frequently is the food menu renewed?
How do the uniforms reflect the overall theme of the outlet?
What training is given to staff to ensure high customer satisfaction, good knowledge of menu & foods?
What procedures are in place to ensure maximum guest experience?
Describe the sales and marketing strategy
What strategies have been implemented to reduce waste and make the overall operation of the outlet more sustainable?
What special promotions/ themed nights do you run and how effective are they?
What do your bookings average annually?
What number of covers do you have in your restaurant?
  • “As always The Vision Conference had good panelists. I was looking for insight on security and technology within the hospitality industry  and found it very informative and well organised.”

    Alfonso Del Corral
    Vice President, INHOCO
  • “One of the best shows around the world showcasing everything including lighting and interiors. Having a single platform for the entire hospitality industry helps to keep us updated, get new ideas and find new innovations.”

    David Brown
    General Manager, Fraser Suites
  • “This is my first visit to the show; we have hotel projects ongoing in South Africa and have found the products we came for. I have successfully sourced several companies for quotes and over all I think the show is great.” 

    Sadra Fateh
    Managing director, Apravista Investment
  • “This is our first time at The Hotel Show and we have been able to meet, connect and collaborate with brand owners. Overall it was a good show for us this year.”

    Shirish Jhawar
    Director, Al Buns
  • "I was at The Hotel Show looking for the latest in cleaning technology and found the show very useful, productive and definitely informative."

    Syed Sajudu Islam
    Marketing Manager, Bread Boutique
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