24 - 26 MAY 2022





Yabu Pushelberg has completed the interior design for the new Four Seasons Kuwait hotel, inspired by motifs found across Middle Eastern architecture as well as its forms, reinterpreted in a contemporary context.

The international design firm refer to the local climate during various times of the day to inspire colours and finishes throughout the property.

The grand foyer and lounge lobby are much like a grand home, haracterized by the expansion and contraction of linked compartments, featuring a square empty space that takes visitors through to the main lobby, gallery, and adjascent lounge.

Soaring ceilings enhance the sculptural quality of the architecture, punctuated by an iconic crystal sculptural installation suspended from the center of the lobby ceiling. Surrounding walls are clad in textured limestone, combined with carved oak panels reminiscent of oversized sculpted wood doors. Geometric patterned stone floors traverse the lobby, further enveloping the space in neutral tones.

The reception desk, designed as a sculptural object, sits at opposite ends from a stunning framed view of the grand stair. Set against a backdrop of intense burnt orange, the monolithic grand stair, framed by Middle-Eastern-inspired extruded textured bronze screens, extends up the full height of the lobby.

The room is bordered by curved oak panels, further layered with custom glass screens laminated with a geometric gold-leaf ‘village-scape’. Wood floors, in a similar pattern to the lobby, are dotted with deep indigo area rugs, while overhead, a romantic, layered bronze lightbox casts a gentle glow.

The pre-function area features strong geometric statements which can be seen across the sculpted ceiling details and flooring patterns. Hand-wrought textured metal screens play with the geometry on the ceiling and floor, while simple dark charcoal grey portals create contrast within the space, leading through to the ballroom.

In the ballroom, a highly-engineered ceiling of reinforced plaster in a faceted, geometric pattern broadly arcs overhead. To compliment this, textured charcoal grey wood walls with a gradated pattern and custom carpeting echo the same line and geometry. Read more

Source: www.commercialinteriordesign.com