24 - 26 MAY 2022





Dubai’s art scene typically comes to life this month and into April, with several experiences planned every year. Though Madinat Jumeirah has strong connections to the art world, it’s actually another Jumeirah Group property that leads the way in terms of a permanent art collection.

Jumeirah Creekside Hotel general manager Andy Cuthbert says: “There are approximately 480 pieces of art at the hotel by 54 artists from across 19 countries in the region. So we have from Emirati to Iraqi to Syrian to Lebanese, the whole spectrum of Middle Eastern art is actually in this hotel, and it’s been something that’s a little bit hidden. It’s a bit of a hidden gem.”

Having been with Jumeirah Group since 2000, Cuthbert joined Jumeirah Creekside Hotel in August 2018. He explains how the property’s impressive art collection came to be: “The artwork was purchased at the inception of the hotel (2012) by Dubai Duty-Free who are the owners of the hotel. Colm McLoughlin and his team decided that they would commission artists to create bespoke art for the hotel. I would say 90% of the works are made exclusively for the hotel.”


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