24 - 26 MAY 2022





TV is becoming the hub for guests to access amenities, especially in hotels that pride themselves on efficiency

Providing a ‘better than home’ experience for guests is something most hotels aspire to achieve. From the most comfortable beds to fine dining, ensuring that a hotel experience exceeds expectations is vital in generating great reviews, brand loyalty and higher revenues.

Different types of hotels cater for a varying type of guests. Yet, from high-end luxury for travellers at leisure to impeccable efficiency aimed at the busy executive, technology plays a key role in the guest experience.

For the world’s 185,000 hotels, the quest to be ‘better than home’ starts from the moment the guest first walks in one of the 17 million rooms in the market today. To offer a comfortable, user-friendly experience that marries information and entertainment, many operators have invested in integrating Hotel Management System into the infotainment systems within each room.

This includes personalised welcome messages in the guest’s native language to the ability to check accounts and order services via a click of the TV remote. But innovators are taking this a step further.

Take the Saxon Hotel, Villas & Spa in South Africa. Voted the ‘World’s Leading Boutique Hotel’ since 2001, the Saxon takes pride in offering impeccable quality and service at every level, leaving guests with a lasting impression of outstanding excellence and a longing to return to the property.

Yet the cultured opulence also includes modernity, highlighted by a recent room redesign that uses a per-room control processor for lighting, audio and video, all of which is linked to a central processor. The IPTV solution offers live TV and VoD entertainment content, multiroom audio and lighting with a SmartTV setup that allows guests to quickly access their own personal devices, such as games consoles or OTT services like Netflix without fuss. Read more

Source: Hotelier