24 - 26 MAY 2022





The hotel is teaming up with the UAE Food Bank to reduce food wastage

Massimo Bottura, whose three Michelin-starred restaurant Osteria Francescana was voted number one in the world in 2018, showcased ways to reduce food waste with W Dubai – The Palm and the UAE Food Bank.

Hosted at Bottura’s restaurant Torno Subito at the Dubai hotel, the Italian maestro spoke out against the issue of food waste, saying: “It’s time to act. We have to step out of the kitchen and involve people across the UAE and the UAE Food Bank – they care a lot about the issue of food waste. If a hotel like this can become a symbol for ethics it is something incredible and a powerful message for all other hotels to emulate, sister publication Caterer Middle East revealed.

“Alongside partnerships with organisations such as the UAE Food Bank, there are simple things that chefs can do. For example, if you have a chicken filet dish on your menu you can ensure the skin, legs, bones and any other parts are used – it’s so easy. We have to confront our every day to overcome this problem.”

​W Dubai has become the latest hotel to join the UAE Food Bank in ensuring food doesn’t go to waste, and Dr. Essam, head of the Food Trade Section in Dubai Municipality was also on hand at the event to explain the ways families as well as businesses can contribute to reducing the amont of food that ends up in landfills.

He said: ““The UAE Food Bank was established as a non-profit charity to help with the distribution of food to less fortunate members of the community and to help to eliminate food waste by working with local authorities and businesses.

“Since it was launched in 2017 under the umbrella of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives the UAE Food Bank has successfully spread the message that food waste must, and can, be tackled.

“Each day surplus food from hotels, supermarkets and more is collected and distributed instead of being discarded. Initiatives such as the UAE Food Bank, with the support of passionate individuals such as Chef Massimo, are helping to spread the important message that food waste is completely unnecessary.”

Source: Hotelier Middle East