24 - 26 MAY 2022





On Wednesday April 3rd The Hotel Show hosted the Hospitality Tech Leaders Lunch at Media One Hotel Dubai.

The meet up of Dubai’s leading hospitality IT professionals from a variety of different properties was an opportunity to discuss the major challenges and opportunities facing the industry and specific focuses in the region.

A wide range of topics came up over the morning’s open discussion. Some of the key challenges that leading IT professionals from hotels highlighted were:

Data Security
Data security and following GDPR regulations was a hot topic. It’s a large part of the modern IT Manager’s role to ensure the guest feels like their data and privacy are secure, as well as preventing any potential date leakages and hacking attempts.

New business
Some technology can be an interesting novelty, but a key KPI is to use hospitality technology to generate and attract new business to the property.

Guest satisfaction
With much of the competition between hotels now focused around ratings, technology within a hotel has to improve and compliment the operation of the hotel and be user friendly. IT Managers in hotels are looking for tech products that increase guest satisfaction.

Internet of things (IoT)
How can IoT be commercialized and how can the benefits be translated? The potential and possibilities for IoT are endless but for them to be truly applicable within a hotel the data provided needs to real time to improve operations.

Employee engagement
Staff are an enormous costs and are becoming more expensive and transient – what IT tools can be used to help train and retain them?

One key phrase that came up during the meet-up was VOI (Value on Investment) which was deemed just as important as ROI. Any tech solution that is able to reduce cost and improve efficiency is very attractive to GMs and asset managers.

Meet-ups and focus groups like these play an important role in ensuring The Hotel Show listens and works with the audience to provide a market leading event that offers the best products and education content.

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