24 - 26 MAY 2022




Poland Fruits


POLAND FRUITS is a business and trade platform (B2B) aimed at the agri-food sector and the whole food industry. POLAND FRUITS is a compatible fusion of a magazine and a web portal, the pages of which inform readers about the current situation and upcoming events in their industry of interest.

Magazine serves as an inventive resource of information for manufactures, exporters, traders and distributors to market their products and provides an easy access for local and international companies to reach their potential buyers and distributors.

Poland FOOD Focus is a modern project and an integral part of Poland Fruits, actively pursuing the food business’ expectations. The publication opens new perspectives for establishing international contacts, intensifying dialogue and cooperation between producers, suppliers and salespeople.

Our goal is to support the food sector in their search for new markets, to provide information regarding innovative solutions, new technologies, and products craved by consumers all around the world.

We encourage you to read the detailed information and visit us at www.polandfruits.com

Contact person:
Anna Dąbrowska
tel. +48 508 112 968
[email protected]