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Staying up to date and being ready to introduce new innovative technology is one of the greatest challenges Hotels faces today.

As brands and their customers are adapting to new innovative technologies this also drastically is changing digital marketing.

And as a result of this Hotels now is experience more expensive digital marketing and competitive alternatives.

The Hotel industry is in a period of transition and change. New technologies are shaping the future of travel and guests are demanding personalized experiences throughout the guest journey.

For Hotels, there has never been a more compelling time to review their current Hotel marketing technology.

If you are ready to transform and prepare your Hotel for the future so let’s dive into some tips to get you started.

Author: Are Morch – Hotel Blogger and Social Media Consultant

Become relevant and competitive

Historically the Hotel industry, in general, have been slow to adapt to new innovative technology.

Hotels today need to embrace new innovative technologies to remain relevant and competitive. But the industry should avoid introducing new technology just for the sake of technology.

It is important that new innovative technology is cost-effective and implemented in context with the Hotels value proposition.

Hotels have to take a deep look at the technology landscape, important regulatory changes and important changes in customers patterns and demands.

Relevance today implies transparency, humanness, personalization and customer experience.

With the help of new innovative technologies, your Hotel brand can now offer a more engaging experience that increases guest satisfaction, brand loyalty, occupancy, revenue, and direct bookings.


Hire New Talent and Skills

Responding to evolving changes in regulations, guest satisfaction, brand loyalty, occupancy, revenue, and direct bookings also require Hotels to look at their employees.

With new innovative technologies, regulatory changes and increased minimum wage Hotels must also consider hiring new talent and skills.

The modern travelers today expect your Hotel employees to have a working knowledge of new innovative technologies.

It is critical when introducing new innovative technologies into the Hotel to be fully prepared for this change.

All employees need to be trained and up to speed.​

With today’s technology, we now have access to every micro-moment within the customer journey.

Hiring new talents and skills can be a challenge in today’s competitive market. This requires Hotels to start with thinking outside the box.

Turn your Hotel employees into brand ambassadors that takes an active part in the customer journey.
Introduce Brand Ambassadors that possess skills and talent to connect and respond to customers with simple acts of kindness that leads to gratitude.

Building customer relationships and customer interactions will happing during important micro-moments. The Hotel needs to be present during these micro-moments.

Connectivity delivers on the Hotels promise

New innovative technology and digital marketing enable customers to personalize their interactions and access Hotel brand information their preferred way.

Digital marketing and new patters support independency and have enabled customers to connect with very diverse Social Network communities.

Hotels need to understand these new connectivity patterns to enable themselves to deliver on their promise.

Be prepared to respond and communicate around micro-moments that matters to the customers.

Your Hotels Brand Ambassadors need to know how to use digital marketing tools to listen, engage and respond to ongoing conversations.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for your Key Performance Indicators

Data and research today show us that customer experiences that delights and surprises lead to increased revenue.

And happy customers are more likely to share their positive experience and recommend a Hotel to their Social Network community.

Artificial Intelligence introduces news ways for Hotels to gather valuable customer data. The key is commitment and indicators that Hotels can use to improve performance.

With Artificial Intelligence predictive capabilities, Hotels can analyze historical and real-time customer and employee performance data at a more granular level.

Artificial Intelligence will help identify patterns where human interaction and empathy is more critical. It will provide a unique opportunity for Hotels to modernize the customer service element.

Customer demands are trending towards experience suggestions from the Hotel team.

The Hotel has to start to focus on new alternatives to stay competitive.

Artificial Intelligence has to potential to go beyond cost savings for Hotels. It can help eliminate duplicate processes and automate some of the customer service processes.

Not only will help the Hotel Team by simplifying processes but also it makes it easier for the customer to discover the Hotels offerings based on their individual needs. It will help the customer achieve more purposeful goals while traveling.


New innovative technology is getting more sophisticated and helping Hotels to automate several processes.

With Artificial Intelligence knocking on the door, we are looking at an ongoing disruptive future.

But the future is bright for Hotels that embrace the shifts. Don’t be afraid. Start implementing the tips here and you will set your Hotel out for a smoother ride.