23 - 25 MAY 2023
11:00 - 19:00 DAILY


The F&B Stakeholders Summit


The Food and Beverage industry has always been one of the most fastest-paced, most market-reading, innovative and agile building blocks of the hospitality industry. Restaurants and bars are the pulse and heartbeat of all good properties and developments and are a key driver of revenue, reputation, brand differentiation, loyalty and joy.

The F&B Stakeholders Summit brings leading industry experts and practitioners to one place, at one time, for a series of highly focused and candid live discussions revealing their plans and strategies for the next year and beyond, as the industry moves beyond common solutions and into a period of dramatic innovation.

Key themes

  • The Future of F&B
  • Sustainability
  • CX in F&B
  • Ethical Hospitality
  • Supply chain opportunities